ALC focuses on transit and acts as an interface between customs services and national and international economic players (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad).

Faire appel à nous, c’est avoir un partenaire fiable en matière de transport et de logistique. Grâce à notre réseau international établi, nous sommes en mesure d'offrir des services de transit de première classe. Pour garantir que vos marchandises arrivent à destination en toute sécurité, nous coordonnons chaque étape de votre expédition, du chargement à la livraison finale. En tant que transitaire agréé en douane au Cameroun et en zone CEMAC, nous disposons du savoir-faire et des autorisations nécessaires pour effectuer toutes les formalités douanières et administratives obligatoires.

The following operations are performed by ALC :

  • Using the import declaration.
  • Assistance in the event of any dispute of customs clearance for the customers.
  • Move fast by air and by sea.
  • Information on the rules of customs clearance and initiation of customers.
  • Assist with the obtaining of licences and export declarations.


ALC provides the best in services, logistics and transportation available in Cameroon. Today, thanks to our dedicated, professional, well-trained team.

We will guide you with precision in all the administrative formalities and customs related to the importation and exportation of goods.

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Air Freight

ALC is able to move goods from any vendor on the five continents until its final destination, by cooperating with all companies air freight, including those with agreements on sensitive goods.

Procedures :

  • Customers are well informed about the operations of shipping
  • The goods are insured during transport until arrival at our warehouse.
  • Customs formalities are completed after the removal and the express delivery by air freight.

Sea freight

ALC offers cargo services sea. Thanks to our strong international network, we can arrange the international shipment of your goods in the world. We have a wide network of correspondents and agents to manage your shipments (Ex work or Fob) where to from anywhere in the world. Groupage (LCL), the full container (FCL) or bulk, as well as import and export, are the formulas used. We have tailored solutions to meet all your needs.

In addition, companies are members of the network ALC are located in the world, and stand ready to help all the partners.


  • The customer is informed of shipping procedures.
  • During transport and on arrival in our warehouse, the goods are secured by insurance.
  • The rapid removal and delivery at home, warehouse/store the customer
  • Transport and unloading secure
  • The best service at the best possible price
  • Transit time competitive
  • Transport of goods of all sizes and in all weight, to and from all destinations.

Full Container Load (FCL)
ALC Transit makes weekly deliveries to all major ports worldwide. For each maritime shipment, the ALC Transit team provides two types of full containers.
• The 20 feet which has 33 cubic meters
• The 40 feet, capable of transporting 66 cubic meters of goods.

The groupage container (LCL)
This option is very advantageous in terms of price, since only part of the container is used for the transport of goods. With this transport option, you can significantly streamline your costs. Your goods will be placed in a container with other customers' goods. You only pay for the space you use daily

Today, ALC Transit's experience in the transport sector allows our team to handle all types of goods. For your freight, whatever the goods transported, we take care of all the stages necessary for transport, in particular the most complex (customs clearance and other administrative formalities).
Please contact an ALC transport consultant for more information on freight transport. We are here to answer all your questions.

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